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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Almost....tick tock tick tock

18 Days to go!!!! The Inked Stamper will be opening in 18 days! AH!!!
I'm still busy busy busy! Yesterday I ordered my business cards and some other supplies include the picture above which will be my car magnet. Plus we moved some of the racking into the shop; that was fun! Today I have a POS meeting (Point of Sales, but can you guess what I call it..P.O.S..come on people, BAD acronym ) and then I'm ordering my computer to use said pos system on.  Let me tell you this has been my most stressful purchase for the whole shop! So outa' my league! Computers, BLAH!
Hope you all are having a beautiful spring day; once my supplies start rolling in, I'll start posting sneak peeks.  Oh FYI if you don't check on my store FB page; my hub's finished my beautiful glittery floors! 5 lbs of Glitter, let me tell you, he is still shimmery! LOL! Great look on a man!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Progress Report

Hi Everyone
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SO what have I been up to while I'm not blogging this week?
  • Phone/internet was installed: 780 458 2422 will be the shops number
  • We painted and installed the slot wall
  • My hubs did the first few steps of the floors... do you know what 5lbs of Glitter looks like? Ask my hubs! LOL!
  • I've put in so many big order this week; I have not moved from my chair in my kitchen in 4 days, except to go to the shop and to teach a scrap class to my boys grade 1 class ( cause I wasn't busy enough LOL!) I'm SO excited, I just order a whole bunch of La Blanche Stamps! Gorgeous new stamp company, they are silicone! Another order that made me squeal , 100 THICKERS! 
  • My racking is here and being held at the delivery center as my floors are being done we can't step on them! LOL!
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I'm hoping to find time to start making some projects soon! I wanna PLAY!!!! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Got the keys!

Hi ya!
Got the keys to the shop yesterday. To say I'm swamped with deadlines is an understatement! I'm posting from my iPhone about to head into a meeting with my landlords. Sad thing is I actually have projects to post but no time!! Don't count me out! I'll be posting again soon! Just need to finish some deadlines this week. Wish me luck! I need it