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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Playing and falling in LOVE with NeoColorII's

Hi All!
I had some spare time last week and sat down to play....literally play! I didn't have a plan or anything except that I wanted to create with supplies that I just haven't had time to properly create with yet. That included my NeoColorII water soluble wax pastels and my Pebeo DYNA Iridescent this background is actually shimmery!!! SO FUN! Wish I could figure out how to take a better picture to show the shimmer! I got the paints at DeSerres in WEM.
Let me tell you, I LOVE these NeoColorII's, NOW! I've had some DUD creations with these guys for sure because I didn't' take the time to use them correctly with the supplies I had. AKA my journal.  My journals are not watercolor journals, they are mixed media paper....there is a difference! They take the pigments differently.  So when I first used them, I was not impressed with them.  They didn't produce the results I expected, BUT it was my fault for using them incorrectly on the paper I had.  So I figured out how to use them in my journals and I tell you, I will be using them A LOT now! They are pricey, but worth it! These "crayons" allow you loads of control, but best of all, the pigments are very concentrated and go a LONG LONG WAY. So that breaks the price down considerably making them worth their price tag! You can buy them individually at Delta Art ($2.45-2.95 depending if sale is on; for my Edmonton area peeps) or buy them in sets that come in a fabulous metal case to keep your precious color jewels safe.
I worked in my large A3 Moleskine, but I just did it as a single spread, so I turned it sideways. This makes it the same size as a Dylusions journal, BUT with NO SEAM!  So you have a bit more creative freedom. The picture is not of the full page, but zoomed in on the owl.  If it was, you'd see that the owl would be 2/3 on one page and 1/3 on the other...which wouldn't look as impressive with a seam down one eye.  Check out picture below this is the full spread. (work in progress shot)
The quote says: Be Kind to unkind people. They need it the most.   
Here's a link to DeltaArts to check out the Neo's! Scroll down, to the NeoColor's. 


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Steampunk Diva Mixed Media Class

Steampunk Diva Mixed Media Class
Wednesday, March 16
$48 (save 10% when you sign up for Gold Membership!)
Includes a 2 go kit with 2 paint brushes and template! You also will have use of all paints, sprays and medium used to create this double spread

Do faces intimidate you? Come on out to my Steampunk Diva class and let me teach you how to paint up a cute girl! NO DRAWING or PAINTING skills required! A template will be provided! This class also includes a little kit to take home that includes 2 new paint brushes that you'll use to paint her PLUS the use of DecoArt Media paints, sprays and mediums you'll use to create her! Just a tiny supply list of standard paper craft items!
  Weatheryou are new to Mixed Media or an Old Pro, you will learn something in this class! 
Class is designed for A3 Size journal, which are available for purchase at Urban (remember you save 10% on your product purchases with Gold Memebership!) Feel free to create on what ever you choose though, canvas, water color paper or in the A3 journal. 18x20 or 18x24 size is recommended to get the scale correct