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Friday, February 13, 2015

In the Zone: Art Journaling Collage with inspiration from Jane DavenportI

WOW! 3 posts in one week! This is a miracle for me and proof to you that I am BACK to being just me...I'm still The Inked Stamper...but I'm the happier 2.0 version! I love that I have time to create and just have fun again! I do not miss the bills, orders, stocking...and all the headaches! The store front I only miss because of all the great friends/customers!  Now I can just inspire you from home, on your computer, and we will have to meet up at other venues!
Those of you who knew me from the store, Courteney and I will be  working together on some new ventures, once we figure stuff out...we will announce it here!
For today, my post is from my Dylusions Art Journal. I made a collage based inspired by one of Jane Davenport beautiful girls in her book I recently purchased. The book is just full of pretty girls to draw inspiration from. 
Here is Jane's fabulous girl from the book that inspired me to play that day...I love ANYTHING with birds on it, so I was immediately drawn to this image.  I was not trying to copy her girl, but rather draw inspiration from her.  I'm still trying to find my own style...I'm thinking whimsical seems to be more me, and big eyes, I prefer my girls to have big eyes.  I think the girl I drew looks like a chubby Tinkerbell!  LOL! 
I'm not going to go through the whole process of what I did...I was literally in the zone and 5 hours went by, so I can't remember 90% anyways.  I know I started off by collage Tim Holtz tissue and some napkins, drew my girl, painted my girl with many different brands of paint, paint pens, gelatoes, prisma pencils, white sharpie, big brush pens everything but the kitchen sink is on this girl! LOL! I painted Prima Sprays for my background I think! LOL! Stencil, doodle, Irresitable drops...again, a load of products! 
I hope it inspires you to get lost in your zone today too.
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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Finding time to create a magical mixed media piece makes my heart sing...

Hi All! 
Well those of you who know me well, know one of my biggest complaints I had when the shop was open was that I had no time to create for just ME.  I must say that I am loving creating again! Todays project was actually one I created this past was a just for me project, that ended up as a shop display, so some of you may have seen it already.  It was just in this last edition of Canadian Scrapbooker as well, on their instagram page.  But I don't think I ever blogged it, so here it is.  It really is one of my favorite things I've made, and it now sits on my pretty vintage painted dresser welcoming people to my home...and facing my art desk so I can see it too. 
I used lots of products to achieve this look; gesso, gelatoes, molding paste, Prima sprays, Big brush pens, liquid was a process of love, and I remember just having a fabulous time making it.  It's actually on a 1.5 inch thick corrugated advertising display for smashbooks, I held on to it for years cause I knew one day I'd have time to create on it.  
Hope you like it! I've got 2 great mixed media canvases to post next week.  One is a photo collage and one is  a mixed media painting that I made to go over Ethan's bed.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Zombies can be sexy too....Plus Prima's Jamie Dougherty is coming to TOWN!

Hi All
Just a quickie post today to give a massive HUGE shout out to Jamie Dougherty.  I've been lucky the last year and have taken some amazing classes by some of the biggest names in the industry...including 3 with Jamie. And I have to tell you, this lady has one of the biggest hearts EVER! She is so sweet, kind, compassionate.....ALSO, she is one hell of an AMAZING ARTIST and  INSTRUCTOR!  Not only have I taken 3 classes of hers in person, I am doing her Blooming through the Seasons online class, and I have purchased multiple pieces of her art (1 original, 1 custom made original I commissioned, and  multiple prints, bags that we're made with her gorgeous designs on them) SO point is Jamie is coming to Scrap Addicts the end of THIS MONTH and she still has spaces left! HOW I have zero's not my store to promote....but Jamie is honestly one of my most favorite people on planet earth! If you are in the Edmonton Area, please check out her class schedule and register today.  I promise you will be SO happy that you did!  Go and learn from one of the industries most talented artists.....she doesn't just slap down a bunch of flowers and embellishments and call it done, she actually teaches you ART TECHNIQUES that you can use over and over again in your scrapbooking, card making, art journaling! She is a GENIUS! 

My projects I'm showing you today, the one below was the one I did it Jamie's class.  I love taking her Bloom Girl classes because they include the face templates for you to take home; online classes you print them out. That way you can reuse them over and over again! The sexy zombie up top you can see was recreated with the same template! I love this girl...I could easily just use her face and change the hair up to make her look different too, so I can keep using it again and again! 
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Thursday, February 5, 2015

She chooses to see the world.....

Hi Everyone! 
Well for those of you who don't know, the store front is now closed; I won't get into huge details on here, but the short version,  I was working 24-7, and the only thing that deserves that much attention is not a thing, but my family. So I am now a full time Momma and Crafter.
I will still be here for inspiration...and Courteney and I have some ideas that we need to figure out how to bring to life ...but for now, please continue to follow  the Blog and take a second a follow on FB and Instagram too.  I hope to have more time now to be more active on all the social media sites! 

The shop has been closed for about 2 weeks now...and it was difficult for me to process that, plus sort out all the stuff that needed to be honestly was a horrible 2 weeks for me. Even though I knew it was the right choice for me, and my family, it was still unbelievably hard.  But I'm feeling more on the up right now and this week I found time to paint in my journal again.  And let me tell was amazing to just be creating something for me...not for a class or display, which was the only thing I had time for the last 4 years, I played just because I wanted too, and because I love it! It felt AMAZING! 
Currently I am being inspired by Jane Davenport's goal for the last few years has been to learn to draw girls better, but I never found the time to really sit down and dedicate the practice required to it.  I've been trying to do that the last few weeks.  I even started a small journal just for faces that I'm sketching in pencil to practice.  
I won't bore you with all the details, but here are a few shots of how I started out. Sketching her with pencil, I did the face first, then added hair...I was not aiming for her to look like Ariel, but it's how she turned out, so I decided to just roll with it.  I used a clear gesso over her so I could still see the lines, then I started painting.  I used a mix of paints, paint pens, Big Brush Pens, Prisma Colors to bring her to life.  The picture on the right was what I thought was done...but I knew something was just NOT right about here....I walked away from the art table, but brought the journal with me and stared at it while I watched TV. Then I figured it out! Her hair over her left shoulder was shaded wrong! It's hard to tell in the picture, red must not photo well, but her hair there was shaded dark, shadowed, BUT I brought it over shoulder therefore it's in the front! So it shouldn't be shadowed! OPPS! So I repainted over here with 2 layers of white gesso, and lots of skin tones to get ride of the hair over her shoulder and push back the shaded bits. And now she's more balanced.  I know I have a LOT of work to do learning how to paint better and shade properly...but I think she is pretty dang good start!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Feel free to leave a comment and let me know that you were here...and what you would like to see! More journals or scrapbook pages. Feel free to ask questions too, I'll do my best to help!