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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Looking for Crafty, Handmade Products!

Hi Everyone
Do you make  fun, funky, original HANDMADE Crafty products?  Superhero Capes? Funky Stuffy? Canvas Art?  Funky Embellishments? Purses? Retro Hair Slides?   I'm looking for suppliers for my shop! I want to help  the Crafty Ladies out there to sell their wares! Leave a link or email me your products and your costs.


Mandy Saunders said...

I wish! All I make is cards/scrapbooks.. and I think you've got that covered. Plus shipping would be a b!tch...

Lori said...

Hey Dawn, Congratulations on opening a store!! What a big job! You have such energy and enthusiasm that I know it will do well and that you will enjoy yourself tremendously!!

I have something that I've been meaning to do a little more, thought about the Farmer's Market...but maybe your store would be a better fit. It's not so much crafty, as delicious!

We're moving to North Ridge this weekend so I'll give you a call when we've settled in a bit...I'll also need to order a new address stamp!

Take care and Happy Day to your boys! I love Oreo cake too...