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Monday, January 12, 2015

Kate's fabulous Mini Album: January Design Team

A Mini Mini-Album

I hate snow and it would be a lot easier to keep hating if it wasn't so pretty. And this month's inspiration happily gave me the motive to do another mini album, but this one is tiny. It was a spur of the moment idea, so (I'm sad to admit) I didn't get any in-progress photos of working on it. 

I'm big on mini-albums because I like actually finishing my projects and my 12x12 scrapbooks... I feel like I never really finish them. This album only contains a couple of favorite polaroids from the holiday season... two years ago. Better late than never. Am I the only one a teeny bit behind? I've fallen off the journal bandwagon because of the current holiday season so this project was the perfect way to start my new year. I left room to slip in little journal cards and 'detail' tags to go with the photos and I'll be adding this to the shelf of minis.

I also hid a little new year's resolution in the pocket with the sequins (note to self: take better pictures). I told myself it's ambitious: I'm going to clear out old all the craft/art supplies I don't use in my craft room and use some of the extra space (which I assume I will have after organizing everything) to display my projects a little better. And I hope one of the design team inspiration pictures will get me going on a hand-made display!

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