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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Abstract Color Burst in A3 Moleskine

Hi Everyone!
WOW I can not believe it's been since April that I blogged last! CRAZY! Time is flying in the most wonderful way since I closed the doors to the store front! I happily just create and teach now; I am positively enjoying life.
Today's post is about a new to me product: Color Burst by Ken Oliver Crafts.  I went down to The Urban Scrapbook here in Edmonton which was my fav local store before I opened my own....and is now my fav again....and Lynette showed me Color Burst. The write up on the back says " Color Burst micro fine concentrated powder colorant to be used with water on porous surfaces"; this sounded very intriguing to me so I bought one.  As I'm sure all of you do, when you buy a new product, or at least hear of go and google it and see what comes up; and then head straight to YouTube to watch videos.  I was in love with what I was seeing.  You need such a little bit of pigment to make a massive impact.
Well, Thursday early morning I found I had a bit of time to play.  I worked on this massive spread in my A3 HUGE Moleskine journal on Wednesday but it wasn't quite finished yet.  As you can see; it's a very abstract page,  and I enjoyed every minute of creating it.  It's very freeing just creating to may look like there is no rhyme or reason to it, but everything was well thought out of where I was placing it, and what colors I was using to make it cohesive.    After all my layers the last thing I used was the Color Burst in the color Indigo; as this a water base product it is not permanent, so unless I was mixing it with gel, I new I had to use it last.   I can NOT say enough good things about my first experience with this wonderful pigment.  The best way I can describe it, is it acts organically.  Well at least on top of paint, I haven't tried it on direct paper yet.  It wasn't just dripping down like I expected, it was wicking and moving like it was alive! I barely used any! I mean it, ANY to get all that beautiful dark, blue, vibrant pigment! And I use  a LOT of water, playing and manipulating seeing what it would do.
I love how it molted and moved and activated my white sharpie paint pen that wasn't dry yet. I just squirted out the smallest amount of pigment and lightly sprayed with water and off it went. 

On this side, I sprinkled it into black liquid ink and loved out it took on a new appearance...anything wet activated the Color Burst.  I also went a little crazy on this side playing with more pigment and water seeing what it could do.  I even sprayed it with White Iresistable's spray to activate it too! So much fun!!!  I'm going to go back to this side of the page and add some more Twisted Citron stencil work cause I ended up covering lots of my green pop accents. 

For those of you who have not seen the A3 Moleskine, that's it in the photo above closed, the black one. For a frame of reference I put my large Dylusions (A4) Art Journal on to of it.  You can see this journal offers a heck of a lot more surface area to play and create in! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I still love my Dylusions and create it in all the time as well, but this one holds a special place in my painted heart.  The pages are fabulous, and take loads of abuse, which is a must for me.  They are buttery and smooth, but totally durable! My pages don't warp or buckle as you can see from the full spread picture above, these pages were totally put to heavy abuse! There is so much wet media on this creation, and my pages are perfectly straight!  No bowing or curling! SWEET!
I'll try not to stay away for so long!
Thanks for stopping by!

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