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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Playing and falling in LOVE with NeoColorII's

Hi All!
I had some spare time last week and sat down to play....literally play! I didn't have a plan or anything except that I wanted to create with supplies that I just haven't had time to properly create with yet. That included my NeoColorII water soluble wax pastels and my Pebeo DYNA Iridescent this background is actually shimmery!!! SO FUN! Wish I could figure out how to take a better picture to show the shimmer! I got the paints at DeSerres in WEM.
Let me tell you, I LOVE these NeoColorII's, NOW! I've had some DUD creations with these guys for sure because I didn't' take the time to use them correctly with the supplies I had. AKA my journal.  My journals are not watercolor journals, they are mixed media paper....there is a difference! They take the pigments differently.  So when I first used them, I was not impressed with them.  They didn't produce the results I expected, BUT it was my fault for using them incorrectly on the paper I had.  So I figured out how to use them in my journals and I tell you, I will be using them A LOT now! They are pricey, but worth it! These "crayons" allow you loads of control, but best of all, the pigments are very concentrated and go a LONG LONG WAY. So that breaks the price down considerably making them worth their price tag! You can buy them individually at Delta Art ($2.45-2.95 depending if sale is on; for my Edmonton area peeps) or buy them in sets that come in a fabulous metal case to keep your precious color jewels safe.
I worked in my large A3 Moleskine, but I just did it as a single spread, so I turned it sideways. This makes it the same size as a Dylusions journal, BUT with NO SEAM!  So you have a bit more creative freedom. The picture is not of the full page, but zoomed in on the owl.  If it was, you'd see that the owl would be 2/3 on one page and 1/3 on the other...which wouldn't look as impressive with a seam down one eye.  Check out picture below this is the full spread. (work in progress shot)
The quote says: Be Kind to unkind people. They need it the most.   
Here's a link to DeltaArts to check out the Neo's! Scroll down, to the NeoColor's. 


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