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Monday, January 21, 2013

What's going on?

I know a lot of you are not on Facebook, which is where I do 100% of my advertising and announcements due to its pure ease.  So I am going to copy and paste the posts that I put up this weekend so everyone is in the loop. 
Friday Jan 18Morning! Yesterday was a very productive day...and I am VERY excited about the changes to come.....which can not be announced yet cause I'm still not sure which path will be taken yet! Thank you for being patient for yesterday; we are both trying to heal and it's just unfortunate and unlucky that we both are dealing with grief. But please know the STORE WILL PULL THOUGH! The STORE will NOT be CLOSING! I do have some big changes to come ahead and I will need your help to implement it...which is WHY the store is 25% off! Please come in and take advantage of this great deal!
FYI: SALE runs until FRIDAY JAN 25.

Saturday Jan 19Felt good to have a crop under my 2013 belt. This year is going to be about healing, change & growth and I'm looking forward to the journey. I've got a class to announce next week, Nancy & Ros are working now on classes, and the next Crops: Feb 8 & 22! People....I AM BACK! Shop is OPEN regular hours 11-4 today. Make sure you pop in and take advantage of 25% OFF!

Just getting some orders ready for the new releases. I'm taking PRE_ORDERS on Tim Holtz new stamp sets. Please check out the links to see if you'd like any: Pre-Orders must have a min of 50% deposit down or pay in full.

I'M ALSO TAKING PAPER COLLECTION PRE-ORDERS! If you see a collection that you'd like, you can pre-order in the kit. Price will vary on kit, I will get you a price before you order. Almost all manufacturers have Kits available, find the one you want and order it in! ;) EVERYONE who places & Pre-pays for their pre-order will be put into a DOOR PRIZE DRAW! (ps I'll add the Dylusions pre-order from last weeks names into the draw too!) Let me know if anyone want ANY Heidi. (Clear Items not up yet) I've taken a few big orders for her amazing items already!!!

Sunday Jan 20Happy Sunday! Don't forget with my NEW hours we will now be CLOSED MONDAYS. We will be closed Thursdays as well for the next little bit, but this day will not be a permanent close day, just temporary. And it sounds like people are wanting a weekend crop. Put your "wish list" under this link. Aka: if you'd like a hotel, food included, food not included....I will only do a crop at the shop, not a location one. To many things to go wrong. IF YOU HAVE A PRE-ORDER, please PM here on this site and I will price it out and get back to you. THANKS ALL!
Your friendly neighbourhood Scrapbook Store Owner

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