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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Evolution of Painted Girl with The Crafters Workshop Stencil

Hi All!
Thought I would give you an elevation of my painted girl with The Crafters Workshop Face Stencil! SO easy! Should of posted this first, but I was too excited to share her with you...I didn't think about it! If you haven't already, make sure you check out yesterdays post to see what supplies I used.

This is on Ranger Manilla 12x12: Not sure why it looks white, it's not.  This is my FAVOURITE paper to work with!

I don't know enough about painting to explain it to you, so what I will say is experiment. My tip, I tinted two shade of brown with a drop of red to make it more realistic looking, then I used the same red on her cheeks and lips so I knew it would match. (check out yesterdays post for pictures of what products I used)

Her Feathers are with another NEW The Crafters Workshop Stencil: I painted first with Metallic Paint, then went over with Prima Black Chalk ink.  As for the embellishment, I just grabbed what was closest to me and started arranging. I added some of the same paints I used on the girl to tie them together. As you can see, in the top picture, I didn't find my Die Cut Tim Holtz Wings yet.

Final step was to tie it all together by anchoring it to the background. I used Prima Fluid Chalk ink, to ink up whole background, those little self inked tools are wonderful for covering large surfaces and to get into small areas! I made sure to ink up her as well so she's not just floating on top.  Next I used my background stamps to add texture and interest, again, stamping on her too.  The Arrows are with another NEW TCW stencil and a WHITE sharpie! Lastly I highlighted with the white sharpie and shaded a bit with the Priam Fluid  Chalk ink in black.  I used Gel Medium to glue all my embellishments down and DONE!

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