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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Confessions of a Scrapbook Store Owner

Hi All!
Ok, it's confessions and resolution of a scrapbook store owner time; me, Dawn, owner of The Inked Stamper. 
CONFESSION: As most of you know, I've been dealing the best I can this past year after loosing my Dad. It's been very difficult and as a result, the store was not my main priority and it has suffered.  The store has gone though a lot of ups and downs, depending on how I was dealing that month. I'm sorry you had to see that, but  I wear my heart on my sleeve, always have, and always well, and I won't apologies for that. 
  I've focussed a lot on Mixed Media for a few reasons. 1) It makes me happy 2) it was my art therapy 3) It seems to make a lot of you happy as my Mixed Media Classes fill almost instantly. BUT I know it does not make ALL of you happy though. So I am going to fix that! 
Most of you know, I was trying to sell it.  My plan was to sell it to someone who could bring the store back up to it's glory, and allow me to still teach there.  Well, that never panned out, and I just didn't have it in me to close it! I almost did a few time though, but it seemed that too many "good things" kept falling in front of! 
 One of those "good things" is my STAFF! I've got a GREAT staff helping me now, not only in the store, but designing!  I have so much trust in them, and I'm so grateful for them! Another good thing was I received a nomination from  St Albert Chamber of Commerce for outstanding customer service. However, I turned it down cause at the time, I thought I was closing. The Great Canadian Carnival brought back some passion by meeting so many new people, and now seeing them in our classes and in the store is fabulous! Now I'm teamed up with Creative Events Scrapbooking; a new company dedicated to putting on wonderful crops!  And there is one other thing...but that's hush hush! 

OK onto the RESOLUTION part: I know I've been focusing on Mixed Media, and I'm so happy so many of you enjoy it and see it for the fabulous art/techniques that it involves. I do know I've been ignoring my traditional Scrapbookers and Card-makers, well here is my promise! I PROMISE to include more traditional classes on the schedule again: not just by me! Kelly, Sherry and Courteney are SO talented...and I'm trying very hard to get Nancy back. (she took a break after the birth of her 4th baby) 
And with this resolution: I promise to stock more traditional products: DIES, BLING, STAMPS for cards. Just this morning, I've placed a big Christmas Order focusing on Cards and Layouts! (don't worry Mixed Media crowd, I've got your back, I've ordered in lots of new goodies for you too!) 

So if you're reading this...and you're a traditional scrapbooker or cardmaker and you haven't popped in to The Inked Stamper in awhile...please, give me another chance! I'll do my best to make you HAPPY! And incase you didn't know: I've ALWAYS offered custom order service! I can't carry everything, but I can try to get it in for you! Please JUST ASK!

Please SHARE my store with your friends! Friends don't let Friends Scrap alone! Please LIKE my FACEBOOK page as well...I post more samples there!

I hope you enjoy the samples I made this past week to prove I can still do traditional! :) 
I'm grateful for ALL of your support


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jennyplace2 said...

Such beautiful cards! I am sorry to hear about your fathers passing, it is such a hard thing to deal with. Both my parents are gone now and I know your pain. October is one of the hardest months for me, not only did I lose my mother but also my BFF! They say time heals. I keep forgetting about your store, I must pop in and say hi and see all your new stuff! LOL! Take care and have a good week.