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Friday, October 11, 2013

Meet up Point for CASH MOB!

I'm plunking away making tons of Christmas Cards! This one is with Heartfelt Creations Poinsettias stamp, it's ONE big background stamp!! LOVE it and if you don't have it, YOU NEED IT! Trust me! I've made loads of cards with it, using it as a background stamp like I have here, or by using the matching solid Die to cut out multiple flower layers in one cut!!
Hi All! 
I'm super excited to announce that my store is the meet up point for CASH MOB St Albert! How exciting is that! Maybe one day I'll actually get to be the mobbed store, but for now, I'm super pumped that so many people are going to hear about the store!!!  I hope you will make it down and bring some friends too! For those who don't know what CASH MOB is: once a month they "mob" one store (local owned business, not big chains)'s always a secret what store will be mobbed! The premise is YOU learn about a what local businesses are available in St Albert, YOU help your local economy by purchasing local.  They suggest you spend $20 in the store that night, and spread the word to your friends! Best advertising is word of mouth referrals!
Hope to see you there at 7pm! 

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