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Monday, August 30, 2010

Let me ease your Digital Crafting Guilt! It's NOT cheating!

Hi Everyone
As you can tell, today's post is about Digital Crafting: and for SU! that means My Digital Studio, (MDS)  When I bring up the chat on MDS at workshops, I find it's like Dr. Pepper. HUH? You either LOVE it or you HATE it!  And those who HATE it...well I find it is fear of the unknown...they feel safe with paper, and the computer is not their happy place! I GET that and UNDERSTAND that, as when SU! announced MDS, THAT was MY exact opinion too!  However, I was persuade to give MDS a shot, and I am the first to admit it, which I don't do often, I WAS WRONG!  The program is wonderful, and it really does have a place in my crafting world now.  And I want it to have a place in YOUR crafting world!
So far, I have made a 12x12 Calendar that I printed out 4 time! Can you say TIME SAVER! I only had to design ONE!  Plus, once your done using it as a calendar, you cut the pages off the coil and you have 12 scrapbook pages!!!  Double Deal!!! I printed one for myself, 1 for my parents,  and the other 2 I sent to Australia for Christmas presents to the in-laws.  TIME SAVER! And to top it off, they are SO professional! My In-laws did not believe I created it! They thought I sent it to a company and it was a "standard" calendar where you drop in pictures! NOPE, all ME!  I've also made a Work Calendar 8.5 x11; created an 8x8 Hard Cover Album, and have printed out about 10 12x12 Scrapbook pages, which look amazing in my scrapbook, and no one believes they are digital!
Ok, so you get it! I LOVE it!  And I want you to LOVE it too! On September 29 from 7-8pm at my house, I am going to show you why YOU are going to LOVE it too!  I will be doing a run through demonstration on my HUGE tv on the MDS while you sit back with a snack and learn how to use this awesome program!  I'll go through some of the basics as well as some of the tricks you can do while creating on the MDS.  You will also receive your choice of a 12x12 Digital  Christmas Scrapbook Layout for you to hybrid your own picture on, or a Digital Christmas Card; both pictured above.
 Class fee is $5.50/person which includes your Digital project, with instructions emailed to you. 
PS. Hybrid means to add "traditional" elements onto your Digital! ie ribbon, buttons, or in this case your picture!
PSS That is ONE card on the top; the left is the FRONT and the right is the INSIDE! Cool, eh! Plus all cards include an envelope!


Thanks so much for stopping by!

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