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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Edicate on CASING

 Hi All
I don't normally post my finished projects of my mixed media classes, for the pure fact that they take me hours to create, and I know others have been recreating them and passing them off as their own, (tweaking a color here and there, but the main idea clearly was mine )and teaching them as their own original idea.  So I'm politely  requesting that if store owners would like to use my ideas, to contact me first to discuss terms of use. 
 If I case someones project, I make sure it is for personal use only, never for a class.  If I post that project, I will let you know WHO the inspiration was derived from!!!!   If I need something for a class that was taught to me by someone else, I request permission first.  I've never copied another designers ideas; and neither have my team of Designers.  I'm very very choosy who I hire to work in my shop and who I will let teach, and I can promise you, all of our classes are 100% Originals.  So if you see someone with classes that look like ours, or very similar, chances are we are the ones who were cased.  In my opinion, this is not flattering, this is stealing, and they are profiting from our hard work. 
 I don't mean this to sound preachy, I apologize if it does.  I am just trying to let you know WHY I don't post full samples of our classes on the web and also why I do not allow pictures to be taken in the shop of our samples.  Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that classes are being copied from us, and I'm not even sure how. But please know that if you see another store with similar classes, it was NOT US who copied.  I do NOT allow that....nor do I have time to check out other peoples stuff in the first place, LOL, I'm too busy creating my own project!

ANYHOO......THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO CASING SAMPLES WE PUT UP IN THE STORE! This does not apply to 99.9% of you either! My shop EXISTS to INSPIRE YOU!  Please feel free to case my samples, heck copy them 100% I'm am cool with that, and THAT is flattering! What I ask though is if you post it on the web, you link the original idea back to me or my designer....and we kindly ask that you do not submit your work to be published if it was cased from one of our originals. 
OK if you've managed to read through this, I can't tell you what I did to create this project as I had many students pay to learn it and that would not be fair. ( I can offer you a KIT with full instructions and photo's for  $57 if you'd like to learn; orignial class is for a double journal spread with more elements that I removed on the layout: Layout has ADDED Tim Holtz not included in original class items)   What I can tell you is what I did to tweak it into a layout after the class.  I added die cuts from Tim Holtz Expedition Ephemera Pack and a black and white photo.  On the photo I used a technique that Finnabair taught us during her classes to color photo's with Primary Elements Spray mix...I took it a step further and colored in some Red Area's on my Monster High headphones with Faber-Castell Small Pit Pens. 
My journaling around the edges says "Life is to short to be serious, I try to avoid that at all Cost" and I wrote that with my Fude Ball Pen.


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