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Monday, December 8, 2014

Kate's spectacular Christmas Cards!

Christmas Cards Galore

I thought I was ahead for Christmas this year until I realized all the presents I'd bought and wrapped needed some cards to go with them. The project inspiration photo sent me into overdrive. I was originally planning on another mini-album but somehow cards won out.

The Pieces

I made ten cards by sets of two. The pairs only differ slightly but this was my way of speeding things up. I'm huge on the wood veneer embellishments right now (/since I first saw them coming out) and had to force myself to actually use them rather than stare at them and admire how incredibly cute they are.

I'm also a love of twine and string. Besides the fact that I have an embarrassing amount already stashed around my craft room... it's fun. So easy to work with. Sometimes you just plop it down and it works (or at least that's what I tell myself).

My other favorite thing for these cards? A white chalk edger. Couldn't live without it, I swear.

The Materials

  • white cardstock (measured at 7.5 x 9", folded at 3.75")
  • miscellaneous cardstock:
  • red twine
  • red and; white striped twine
  • mini red jingle bells (these were a garage sale find!)
  • white embroidery thread
  • white snowflake die-cut cardstock

The Tools

  • double sided tape
  • hot glue gun
  • white chalk edger
  • snowflake die-cut (or a cricut)
  • tag shape die-cut
  • straight cutter
  • scissors
  • bone folder