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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Share YOUR Crafty Friends with ME and EARN SHOPPING MONEY!!!

 Have CRAFTY FRIENDS....want to earn HOSTESS BENEFITS for bringing them to me? SIGN UP for a CLUB or BOOK A PARTY TODAY AND EARN FREE GOODIES!! Read on for details.

CARD CLUBS & SCRAPBOOK CLUBS: It's important to take "ME" time, and I appreciate how HARD that is, don't forget I have twin boys in hockey and run my own business! I'm hearing more and more lately how nobody has your hobby gets bumped to the bottom of the pile.  Me Time is DESERVE IT, it will make you happier, and balanced which will benefit everyone in your life, but most of all it will benefit YOU! So for 2015 I am starting up Clubs again, they are SCHEDULED, so EVERY month, you know when and where your ME time will they are only 1 hour, so even the busiest person can carve away 1 hours...drop your kids off at their event, and come back to the shop to do YOUR event!

 What are the Clubs? Each month we will meet up as a Group, and you will make your projects, then you will shop. Like the home parties, there will be a HOSTESS each month, the hostess may bring a snack to share if they choose, and the hostess of the month will receive HOSTESS BENEFITS based on the groups sales. Each month there will be minimum purchase of $30 (pre tax, excluding sale items) per person required to make sure everyone hits their Hostess Benefits. The more the group shops, the more you receive! So you may choose to bring in extra people to shop to boost up your sales that month!  There will be a Club Sign up Fee payable at the start to cover the cost of material used to make the projects :
  • Cards $5/month includes 2 cards (1 technique based, 1 simpler)
  • Scrapbook $7/Month includes one 12x12...this is a BARGAIN, $0 instructor fee and below retail cost/class! 
  • Price is due upfront and will be based on how many we get/group. Min is 9 to hit hostess chart, max is 12.  
  • Card Club Start Dates: Monday January 12. Day Club: 10:30-11:30 am; Night Club 6:30-7:30pm: runs every 2nd Monday $60 for 12 Classes of 2 cards each month
  • Scrapbook Club: Wednesday January 14 Day Club 10:30-11:30am; Night Club 6:30-7:30 pm runs every 2nd Wednesday $84 for 12 classes of one 12x12 layout each month

PARTIES: will run similar to home based parties, except you will have the whole shop to shop from, not be limited to a catalog and no waiting! You book a Party, invite all your friends, ($5/person for 2 Cards, $7 for Layout) we will make a pretty project, and then you all shop! You will earn HOSTESS BENEFITS based on the sales!

Hostess Benefits*
$250-$499 Sales= 7% of Party Sales + 1 Item of choice at 25% off*
$500-$999 Sales= 10% of Party Sales + 2 Items of choice at 40% off*
$1000+= 15% of Party Sales + 3 Items of choice at 40% off

*Hostess Benefits are a bonus to the hostess each month and do not count towards her own Club purchase that month, she is still required to make her minimum purchase.  Benefits must be used at the close of the party, and may not be used on custom orders. The 25-40% off item of choice is subject to limitations: not valid on commission pieces or Die Cut Machines. Also, they are in ADDITION to the 7-15% Party Sales, hostess money may not be used to pay for them.  They are not mandatory to use, and are NOT transferable to your friends.

Please call the shop (780)458-2422 to register or book a party.  You may send an email to or contact me via private message on the FB store page as well if it is past business hours.


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