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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


OK! This has nothing to do about scrappin' and a lot to do with RANTING! I'm livid at the moment.  I bought this table 3 weeks ago from Beachcomber home furnishing here in Edmonton, and the knots are all popped out and cracked and a sticker lable got stuck on it and pulled the finish right off!  I phoned the company and explained to them what's up, they asked me to email over pictures, I did.  Did not hear a thing back from them for 2 days;phoned twice more, finally got an email back...not a phone call an EMAIL! And basically said here is a number of a furniture repair guy, fix it your self.  I phoned back, the guy was busy and I left a message saying I would like him to PHONE me...nope, he emailed me again said too bad.  So I phoned him and he said I should not have had a sticker near the table, too bad I ruined it, should have bought a more expensive tabel!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A) the table was NOT cheap, I got it on sale for a better price but by no means was is pennies! B) That is NOT the point, it is CRAP QUALITY! ARG!!!!! I AM SOOO ANGRY and I'm still stuck with the table so all I can do is VENT and spit on their name by letting everyone know how crap they are to deal with...they have MY money, so now they just don't care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So pass this along to all you know who are buying furniture, do not buy from BEACHCOMBER......the do not  care about their customers...quick sale then bugger off with you!!!  If I ran my business like that, pretty sure I would not have my amazing loyal customers who keep returning, and refering me!! So to all of you THANK YOU!
Hope you have a better day then me!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn had a similar problem with our flooring, left messages non returned do what I did...I went down to the store and ask to speak to the owner, if the owner is not there say someone in charge. Let them know you want to go somewhere private as I'm sure they wouldn't want anyone to hear what you have to say. When they take you aside let them have it. I did that with my flooring, the guy thought I was some bimbo and wouldn't follow through I did. I called him on absolutly everything he said and in the end he knew this is one lady you don't mess with. Go down to the store and talk to the owner in person. Call find out when the owner is there and what time and make a point of going there then. I hope it helps maybe you will get some results.