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Monday, June 7, 2010

Cards for the Cure: FREE

Hi Everyone
Did I have you at FREE?? LOL!  Here is my package of Cards for the Cure.  As I've blogged a few times, on August 7, I will be participating in the Weekend to End Women's Cancers and doing the 1 day 35km walk.  I need to raise $1250 in donation to do the walk.  And I am ALMOST there! I just need a little over $300.  Now this pack of cards is available to those who donate $35 or more (click link above) OR if you place a $100 (pre tax & S/H) SU!  order through my On-line store in June. 
I have made only made 10 packs of these cards, so donate or order today!  There are 5 handmade cards by me with envelopes; I would normally sell this pack for around $15. 
*Now the card on the bottom left is not my design, I saw it blog hunting, but can not remember where! If it is your design or if you know where I found it, please leave me a comment so I can link it to you. Thanks for the inspiration!!!
All workshops booked/held in June and all orders outside orders placed, 20% will be donated to the my walk.
Thanks for stopping by and for all your support

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