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Monday, July 12, 2010

Marshmallow Lollipop Yumminess!

Hi Everyone
Ok, not a paper craft today; but these were just to cute not to share. Now first I must say these are not my idea; just found them hunting around the internet; just google marshmallow lollipops to see all the great ideas! Now they do take a little longer to make then I though; but that could be because I made 50.  But soo worth the time; everyone loved them at the BBQ we brought them too, and the twins really enjoyed helping me make them.  Just wish I would have had time to take a better picture of them...should have tied a ribbon around the glass! But as usual, I under estimated the time to make them and we were late for the BBQ!
Anyways..these little gems are actually marshmallows covered in melted chocolate, crushed peanuts and colored cake sugars.  I think on the blog I found them she used white chocolate, so the sugar showed up much better, but I hate white chocolate!
Melting Chocolates ( I used left over Easter chocolate plus I bought some melting choc from the craft store)
Chopped Nuts
Colored Sugar
Sucker Sticks (craft store)

Thanks so much for stopping by


Koren said...

ilove these.. great idea..

Candace said...

awesome idea! I am so making these!