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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bring on the Superheroes

Hi Everyone
I'm still working on my big announcement so I'm still very busy, hence the lack of posts! Don't give up on me though, I promise it will be worth the wait!
Today's post is my Mommy Labour of Love; yesterday I made the invites for the boys 7th Birthday party.  They were a lot of work, but I'm so proud of them..and the boys love them, which is what matters most!
The inside of the boy invites have a photo of Batman and Superman which I printed off at London Drugs, and the girl invites have a photo of Wonder Women.  I found both on Google Image, just click large file so you find a suitable picture to get printed.  The outsides are decorated with actual comics; the boys and I spent 1 hour yesterday morning combing through comics at Warp to find appropriate comics to decorate their cards.  Let me tell you, it was harder then it sounds, comics are made for adults! Lot's of violence in them!  Each card is covered with a belly band with an awesome POW Zap or Bif tag! I had to hand cut all those, took me ages! And also my printer was running out of black in so I had to go over all the black parts with a sharpie..again took a long time!  I found those on HERE.  There are some GREAT ideas on the internet for Superhero parties, I'm taking bits and pieces from them, plus a dash of US, to make the boys party AWESOME! 
Hope you guys love them as much as we do...It makes me feel like a fab Momma to be doing something that is just for THEM! Yes, it would have been quicker and much much cheaper to buy invites or make digital ones, but I wanted to do something that was 100% handmade from Momma just for them!  After all, as a Momma of twins only, we only get to celebrate each birthday once...I will never again get to throw a 7th birthday party again!  That's one of the hard parts of twins.


Vivian said...

Thank you for your sweet comment in my blog. You are amazing yourself. I better don't show my son your post on the superhero party invitations..he's gonna have very high b-day is coming up so I'm working on it. Thank you for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn - these are super cute! If you are looking for super hero party favours I was at Dollarama this morning - in Edmonton - and they had Marvel Superhero taffy - they were strips of 9 individual pkgs for $1 and each one in the strip had a different hero on it - thought of you because they looked just like your invites!

emilysnan said...

hiya , what great cards they are , your kids must love tehm and their friends will keep them i'm sure x tfs , i am visiting from young and crafty and am your newest follower hopr to see you at mine sometime xmaggiex